A Little bit about Me:

I grew up on a dairy and grain farm in Central Ohio. I currently reside on the family farm where I raise AKC registered Basset Hounds. My interest and passion for the breed has been one that has evolved through the years. 

 I remember looking through some of my parent's old photo albums and one picture that always seemed to catch my attention was the picture of my mom's Basset Hounds she had growing up. From that point on, I was sold on the breed and I knew I would have Basset Hounds of my own some day. After much persuasion, I finally talked my parents into a new puppy when I was in middle school. There was a classified ad in the local newspaper for Basset Hounds. Annie was my first pet and is "mostly" Basset Hound. She had the whole family wrapped around her finger from the day we brought her home. A couple months later, a "mostly" Basset Hound was dropped off up the road from our house and appeared to malnourished and in desperate need of love and attention. That abandoned dog quickly began to answer to the name Flash and never left our farm. Nearly 10 years later Annie and Flash are well known in the local community as the Farm Hounds because, from the outside looking in, they pretty much appear to run the place!

Annie and Flash helped solidify my appreciation for the Basset Hound breed. They are full of personality and there never seems to be a dull moment when a Basset Hound is involved. In 2014 I purchased my first purebred, AKC Registered Basset Hound and in late 2015, I raised my first litter of AKC Basset Hound Puppies. I wanted to be able to provide others with the same happiness and joy I experienced from having hounds of my own. I strive to provide individuals and families with quality, well tempered puppies packed full of the well-known Basset Hound characteristics. 

I currently have five registered hounds. Each dog has their own, very unique, personailty and they definitely keep me on my toes! I am looking forward to being able to continue providing individuals and families with the happiness of having their own droopy eyed, long eared, well tempered Basset Hound!